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New York's twenty-nine congressional districts (Find your district)



Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

50px Chuck Schumer (D)


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In the 110th Congress, New York had 23 Democrats and 6 Republicans in the U.S. House and 2 Democratic Senators. In the 2008 elections, New York elected 26 Democrats and 3 Republicans to the U.S. House, and continues to have 2 Democratic Senators. (See results)




Neither senate seat is up for election in 2008

1st district Incumbent: Timothy Bishop (D) won re-election.
50px Lee Zeldin (R)
2nd district Incumbent: Steve Israel (D) won re-election.
50px Frank J. Stalzer (R)
3rd district Incumbent: Peter King (R) won re-election.
Graham Long (D)
4th district Incumbent: Carolyn McCarthy (D) won re-election.
50px Jack Martins (R)
5th district Incumbent: Gary Ackerman (D) won re-election.
50px Jun Policarpio (Conservative)
Evergreen Chou (G)
Elizabeth Berney (R)
6th district Incumbent: Gregory Meeks (D) won re-election.
7th district Incumbent: Joseph Crowley (D) won re-election.
William E. Britt, Jr (R)
8th district Incumbent: Jerrold Nadler (D) won re-election.
50px Grace Lin (R)
9th district Incumbent: Anthony Weiner (D) won re-election.
Alfred F. Donohue (Conservative)
10th district Incumbent: Edolphus Towns (D) won re-election.
Salvatore Grupico (R)
11th district Incumbent: Yvette Clarke (D) won re-election.
Hugh C. Carr (R)
Cartrell Gore (Conservative)
12th district Incumbent: Nydia Velazquez (D) won re-election.
Allan E. Romaguera (R)
13th district Incumbent: Vito Fossella (R) did not seek re-election.
50px Robert Straniere (R)
50px Michael McMahon (D)
14th district Incumbent: Carolyn Maloney (D) won re-election.
Robert G. Heim (R)
50px Isaiah Matos (L)
15th district Incumbent: Charles Rangel (D) won re-election.
50px Edward Daniels (R)
Martín Koppel (Socialist Workers)
Craig Schley (I)
16th district Incumbent: Jose Serrano (D) won re-election.
Ali Mohamed (R)
Maura DeLuca (Socialist Workers Party)
17th district Incumbent: Eliot Engel (D) won re-election.
Robert Goodman (R)
18th district Incumbent: Nita Lowey (D) won re-election.
50px Jim Russell (R)
19th district Incumbent: John Hall (D) won re-election.
50px Kieran Michael Lalor (R)
20th district Incumbent: Kirsten Gillibrand (D) won re-election.
Matt Funicelllo (Green)
50px Sandy Treadwell (R)
21st district Incumbent: Mike McNulty (D) did not seek re-election.
50px James Buhrmaster (R)
50px Phillip Steck (Independence Party)
50px Paul Tonko (D)
50px Steven Vasquez (Libertarian)
22nd district Incumbent: Maurice Hinchey (D) won re-election.
50px George K. Phillips (R)
23rd district Incumbent: John McHugh (R) won re-election.
50px Mike Oot (D)
24th district Incumbent: Michael Arcuri (D) won re-election.
50px Richard Hanna (R)
Mike Sylvia (L)
25th district Incumbent: Jim Walsh (R) did not seek re-election.
50px Howie Hawkins (G)
50px Dan Maffei (D)
50px Dale Sweetland (R)
26th district Incumbent: Thomas Reynolds (R) did not seek re-election.
50px Alice Kryzan (D)
50px Chris Lee (R)
50px Jon Powers (Working Families Party)
27th district Incumbent: Brian Higgins (D) won re-election.
50px Dan Humiston (R)
50px Budd Schroeder (Conservative Party)
28th district Incumbent: Louise Slaughter (D) won re-election.
50px David Crimmen (R)
29th district Incumbent: Randy Kuhl (R) lost his bid for re-election.
50px Eric Massa (D)



Tim Bishop (D-1st district)

50px Steve Israel (D-2nd district)
50px Pete King (R-3rd district)
50px Carolyn McCarthy (D-4th district)
50px Gary Ackerman (D-5th district)
50px Greg Meeks (D-6th district)
50px Joseph Crowley (D-7th district)
50px Jerry Nadler (D-8th district)
50px Anthony Weiner (D-9th district)
50px Ed Towns (D-10th district)
50px Yvette Clarke (D-11th district)
50px Nydia Velazquez (D-12th district)
50px Vito Fossella (R-13th district)
50px Carolyn Maloney (D-14th district)
Charlierangel.jpg Charles B. Rangel (D-15th district)
50px Jose Serrano (D-16th district)
50px Eliot Engel (D-17th district)
50px Nita Lowey (D-18th district)
50px John Hall (D-19th district)
50px Kirsten Gillibrand (D-20th district)
50px Mike McNulty (D-21st district)
50px Maurice Hinchey (D-22nd district)
50px John McHugh (R-23rd district)
50px Michael Arcuri (D-24th district)
50px Jim Walsh (R-25th district)
50px Tom Reynolds (R-26th district)
50px Brian Higgins (D-27th district)
50px Louise Slaughter (D-28th district)
50px Randy Kuhl (R-29th district)

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