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This page lists the things you can do to help the Superdelegate Transparency Project. There's also a running list of participants on this page's talk page – why not add yours? If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Assistant Congresspedia Editor Avelino Maestas at his talk page or via email at amaestas@sunlightfoundation.com. To begin editing Congresspedia, you'll need to briefly register (this is done to cut down on vandalism and spam). All you need is an email address – click the "Register/Log-In" link in the upper-right-hand corner of this window. You may also find the quick guide to editing useful.


Things to do

There's plenty to do to help keep track of these superdelegates. Each of these specific things to do has full instructions either here or at their own page. Many just take a minute to check-off an item, so jump on in!

If you think of something else that could be done, contact Assistant Congresspedia Editor Avelino Maestas at his talk page or via email at avelinomaestas@sunlightfoundation.com and he'll help you add it to this list.

Clean-up charts

The charts are being imported from the original wiki site, but there's work to be done in sourcing and formatting them.

Improve the superdelegates page

The article on superdelegates is woefully inadequate. Do you know of any good blog posts or articles that explain this process? Please help out by expanding this article.

Tally the available delegates

Each state has a certain number of delegates, both pledged delegates and superdelegates. We have a chart from the DNC listing how many each state gets, but that information needs to be added to each state.

Update the endorsements

This can be done pretty much constantly, but especially now we need to go through the states and update the endorsements of the superdelegates.

Profile the Superdelegates

You can help fill in some of the blanks for superdelegates. HuffPost's OffTheBus team has interviewed hundreds of the superdelegates, and we've started Congresspedia pages for them. OffTheBus is donating the interviews to the Superdelegate Transparency Project, and we need volunteers to help transfer that content over to Congresspedia.

Find more information about the Superdelegates

If you would like to add additional information to a superdelegate's Congresspedia page, we've included some helpful tips at the following link:

Stuff for admins

Mainly for reference and getting the project started: Portal:Superdelegate Transparency Project/Help out/Stuff for admins