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This page describes something you can do to further the Superdelegate Transparency Project. There's even more things to do listed at the project's main "help out" page. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact Assistant Congresspedia Editor Avelino Maestas at his talk page or via email at amaestas@sunlightfoundation.com. To begin editing Congresspedia, you'll need to briefly register (this is done to cut down on vandalism and spam). All you need is an email address—click the "Register/Log-In" link in the upper-right-hand corner of this window. You may also find the quick guide to editing useful.

Congresspedia help

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Editing Help:

Policies and Guidelines

Research and referencing


Looking through the state/district/territory tables, there are red links for delegates who don't have a Congresspedia profile yet. You can help by starting a profile page for these individuals. Here's how:

  1. First, you can click the link. That will take you to the profile page (which you're creating) for that delegate.
  2. Next, find some information. There's a number of ways of searching for information, beyond typing a delegate's name into Google (though that works as well):
    • Try finding news stories. Check your local news media for stories on the delegates, and use that information as a basis for the profile page.
    • Try the state party's Web site Many superdelegates are also officials within the state's party infrastructure. You might be able to find some information on the delegates here.
    • Wikipedia Many of the delegates will have profiles on Wikipedia.
  3. Sourcing Any factual information on Sourcewatch and Congresspedia needs to be cited and sourced. As such, we need to add references for any information entered onto the profile page. There's two style of referencing, the beginner's method and the standard method. The standard method is nicer, but the beginner's method will suffice. If you're citing the same reference more than once, you'll save a lot of time by using the standard method and this trick
  4. Categorize the Delegate This is really easy – at the end of the delegate's profile page, add the following lines of code (replace "Firstname" and "lastname" with the correct information):
    • [[Category:2008 Democratic Superdelegate|Lastname, Firstname]]
    • [[Category: Democratic Party (USA)]]
    • {{congresspedia}}

General Research Tips


If you complete a state, please mark it off so we know which ones are finished! Click the signature button above the editing window to let people know who you are and when you finished it (if you like).

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