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Texas's thirty-two congressional districts



Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)

50px John Cornyn (R)


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In the 110th Congress, Texas had 19 Republicans and 13 Democrats in the House, as well as 2 Republican Senators.

In the 2008 elections, Texas elected 20 Republicans and 12 Democrats to the House and continues to have 2 Republicans In the Senate. (See results)



Senate Incumbent: John Cornyn (R) won re-election.
50px Rick Noriega (D)
1st district Incumbent: Louie Gohmert (R) won re-election.
50px Roger Owen (I)
2nd district Incumbent: Ted Poe (R) won re-election.
Craig Wolfe (Libertarian)
3rd district Incumbent: Sam Johnson (R) won re-election.
50px Christopher Claytor (Libertarian)
50px Tom Daley (D)
4th district Incumbent: Ralph Hall (R) won re-election.
50px Fred Annett (Libertarian)
50px Glenn Melançon (D)
50px David McCurrach (I)
5th district Incumbent: Jeb Hensarling (R) won re-election.
50px Ken Ashby (Libertarian)
Michael Sprinkle (Libertarian)
Michael Dougan (I)
6th district Incumbent: Joe Barton (R) won re-election.
Kenneth Jacobs (I)
50px Ludwig Otto (D)
50px Max Koch (Libertarian)
Perry Munger (Libertarian)
7th district Incumbent: John Culberson (R) won re-election.
50px Michael Skelly (D)
50px Drew Parks (Libertarian)
50px John Truitt (I)
John Flatten (I)
8th district Incumbent: Kevin Brady (R) won reelection.
Kent Hargett (D)
Brian Stevens (Libertarian)
9th district Incumbent: Al Green (D) won re-election.
Brad Walters (Libertarian)
Amanda Ulman (I)
10th district Incumbent: Michael McCaul (R) won re-election.
50px Larry Joe Doherty (D)
50px Matt Finkel (Libertarian)
Daniel Kuehn (I)
11th district Incumbent: Mike Conaway (R) won re-election.
John R. Strohm (Libertarian)
12th district Incumbent: Kay Granger (R) won re-election.
Shiloh Sidney Shambaugh (Libertarian)
50px Tracey Smith (D)
Chris Dobson (I)
Jeff Long (I)
13th district Incumbent: Mac Thornberry (R) won re-election.
50px Roger Waun (D)
14th district Incumbent: Ron Paul (R) won re-election.
James Harvey (I)
Gregory Roof (I)
Eugene Flynn (I)
15th district Incumbent: Ruben Hinojosa (D) won re-election.
50px Eddie Zamora (R)
50px Gricha Raether (Libertarian)
16th district Incumbent: Silvestre Reyes (D) won re-election.
Mette Baker (Libertarian)
Jerome Telghman (I)
Ben Mendoza (I)
17th district Incumbent: Chet Edwards (D) won re-election.
50px Gardner Osborne (Libertarian)
50px Rob Curnock (R)
Robert Allan Vernon (Libertarian)
Dennis Yokie (Libertarian)
18th district Incumbent: Sheila Jackson Lee (D) won re-election.
Steven Warshell (Independent)
50px Mike Taylor (Libertarian)
50px John Faulk (R)
19th district Incumbent: Randy Neugebauer (R) won re-election.
50px Richard "Chip" Peterson (Libertarian)
50px Dwight Fullingim (D)
20th district Incumbent: Charlie Gonzalez (D) won re-election.
50px Michael Idrogo (Libertarian)
Robert Litoff (R)
21st district Incumbent: Lamar Smith (R) won re-election.
50px James Strohm (Libertarian)
22nd district Incumbent: Nick Lampson (D) lost his re-election bid.
50px John Wieder (Libertarian)
50px Pete Olson (R)
Joel West (G)
23rd district Incumbent: Ciro Rodriguez (D) won re-election.
50px Lyle Larson (R)
50px Lani Connolly (Libertarian)
24th district Incumbent: Kenny Marchant (R) won re-election.
50px David Casey (Libertarian)
50px Tom Love (D)
25th district Incumbent: Lloyd Doggett (D) won re-election.
50px Scott Trimble (G)
50px George Morovich (R)
26th district Incumbent: Michael Burgess (R) won re-election.
50px Ken Leach (D)
50px Donald Tracey (I)
27th district Incumbent: Solomon P. Ortiz (D) won re-election.
50px Willie Vaden (R)
28th district Incumbent: Henry Cuellar (D) won re-election.
50px Jim Fish (R)
29th district Incumbent: Gene Green (D) won re-election.
50px Eric Story (R)
30th district Incumbent: Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) won re-election.
31st district Incumbent: John Carter (R) won re-election.
50px Brian Ruiz (D)
50px Ed Lindsay (G)
32nd district Incumbent: Pete Sessions (R) won re-election.
50px Eric Roberson (D)



Louie Gohmert (R-1st district)

50px Ted Poe (R-2nd district)
50px Sam Johnson (R-3rd district)
50px Ralph Hall (R-4th district)
50px Jeb Hensarling (R-5th district)
50px Joe Barton (R-6th district)
50px John Culberson (R-7th district)
50px Kevin Brady (R-8th district)
50px Al Green (D-9th district)
50px Michael McCaul (R-10th district)
50px Mike Conaway (R-11th district)
50px Kay Granger (R-12th district)
50px Mac Thornberry (R-13th district)
50px Ron Paul (R-14th district)
50px Rubén Hinojosa (D-15th district)
50px Silvestre Reyes (D-16th district)
50px Chet Edwards (D-17th district)
50px Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18th district)
50px Randy Neugebauer (R-19th district)
50px Charlie Gonzalez (D-20th district)
50px Lamar Smith (R-21st district)
50px Nick Lampson (D-22nd district)
50px Ciro D. Rodriguez (D-23rd district)
50px Kenny Marchant (R-24th district)
50px Lloyd Doggett (D-25th district)
50px Michael Burgess (R-26th district)
50px Solomon Ortiz (D-27th district)
50px Henry Cuellar (D-28th district)
50px Gene Green (D-29th district)
50px Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-30th district)
50px John Carter (R-31st district)
50px Pete Sessions (R-32nd district)

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