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This page is part of the OpenGovernment Project
on OpenCongress, coordinated by the
Participatory Politics Foundation

Add what you know. (Here's how.)

Project:OpenGovernment is a wiki resource for the community. Our purpose is to provide an open knowledge base and coordinate activities to:

  1. Improve;
  2. Open up state legislative data into compliance with the Eight Principles of Open Government Data;
  3. Track all candidates for state government office as RaceTracker does for candidates for federal office. A crowdsourced platform for this non-partisan collaborative project is forthcoming -- if you can help us build it, get in touch by emailing us (info below).

Participate is only possible thanks to advocates of open data, whether in state legislatures, non-profits, private industry, academia or just civic-minded individuals. We need your help to keep the ball rolling!

You can also email Participatory Politics Foundation Executive Director David Moore (about generally) or OC Wiki Editor Conor Kenny (about this wiki project).


Update, Sept. 13, 2010:

Alpha versions of several state OG sites are live! Check them out here:

And head over to the OpenGovernment Community Portal for status updates on these states and others and ways that you can help open up the data!

We're also teaming up with the Transparency Hub project to document the government data resources available in every state. Click a state below:


OpenGovernment is a free and open-source web resource for government transparency and civic engagement at the state, city, and local levels. It is a joint project of two non-profit organizations, the Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation