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AK-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate  +, Scott McAdams for U.S. Senate  +, Scott McAdams  +,
AL-02 campaign ads +Rick Barber for Congress  +, National Republican Congressional Committee  +
AL-Gov campaign ads +Conservative Coalition for Alabama  +, Byrne for Alabama, Inc.  +
AL-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Democratic National Committee  +
AR-04 campaign ads +MoveOn  +
AR-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Republican National Committee  +, MoveOn  +, AFSCME  +,
AZ-03 campaign ads +Pamela Gorman for Congress  +
AZ-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +John McCain for U.S. Senate  +, J.D. Hayworth 2010, Inc.  +


CA-36 campaign ads +Mattie Fein for Congress  +
CA-Gov campaign ads +Meg Whitman for Governor 2010  +
CA-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Campbell US Senate  +, Carly for California  +, U.S. Chamber of Congress  +,
CO-03 campaign ads +League of Conservation Voters  +
CO-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Jane Norton for Colorado  +, Campaign for Liberty  +, U.S. Chamber of Commerce  +,
CT-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Schiff for Senate  +, Simmons for Senate  +


FL-02 campaign ads +Boyd for Congress  +
FL-Gov campaign ads +The Florida First Initiative, Inc.  +, Let's Get to Work  +, American Action Network  +
FL-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate Committee  +


HI-01 campaign ads +Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee  +


IA-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Democracy for America  +
IL-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Kirk for Senate  +, U.S. Chamber of Commerce  +, American Crossroads  +
IN-02 campaign ads +National Republican Campaign Committee  +


KS-01 campaign ads +Club for Growth  +
KS-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Lisa for Kansas  +
KY-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +American Crossroads  +, Conway for Senate  +


LA-Senate Class III Seat campaign ads +Americans United For Change, American Family Voices  +
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