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Agency-Related Blogs as Forums for Policy Networks +  +


CAST: Canvass Audit by Sampling and Testing +  +
Citizen-Government Interaction and the Internet: Expectations and Accomplishments in Contact, Quality, and Trust +  +
Cloud Computing and Information Policy: Computing in a Policy Cloud +  +
Communication Technology, Repressive Hierarchies and Defiant Networks: Is the State or Civil Society Winning the Information Race +  +
Competition is Good: Side-Benefits of Competitive Districts +  +


Detecting Manipulation of Election Results: A Novel Test and New Data from Nigeria +  +


E-Government Provision of Aging and Disability Services in the U.S. and Other Countries: Global Needs and Global Inequities +  +


Facebook Reception: Examining User Generated Political Ads Online +  +


Gender, Military Recruiting, and the Iraq War +  +


Human Rights on the Internet: New Categories of Contention +  +
Hungry Public Spheres: Debating the Categories of Food Politics +  +


Implementing E-Government in Developing Countries: Its Unique and Common Success Factors +  +
Incrementalism, E-Government, and the Rate of Technological Change +  +
Internet Diffusion and the Digital Divide: The Role of Policymaking and Political Institutions +  +


Key Factors and Agents in Tech-Polis Formation: The Case of Developing Countries +  +


North Korea's Internet Strategy and Its Political Implications +  +


Online Campaigning in the 2007 Australian Election: Did the Web Deliver Votes +  +
Online Debates in Oshkosh: Using the Blog to Promote an Engaged Electorate +  +
Online Versus Face-to-Face Deliberation: Who +  +


Playing the Gender Card +  +
Polsterless Remote Electronic Voting +  +
Populism as Protest Against Inequality: Political Movement and Style in Popular Cultures +  +
Power Games Between Ministers and Civil Servants in Contemporary States: Framing the Map +  +
Providing Argument Support for E-Participation +  +
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