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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • academic
  • non-profit
  • vendor
  • individual

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Access RI +non-profit  +
Alabama Center for Open Government +non-profit  +
Alabama Policy Institute +non-profit  +
American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression +non-profit  +
American Constitution Society +non-profit  +
American League of Lobbyists +non-profit  +
American Library Association +non-profit  +
American Society of Newspaper Editors +non-profit  +
Americans for Prosperity +non-profit  +
Association For Community Networking +non-profit  +
Association of American Publishers +non-profit  +
Association of Research Libraries +non-profit  +


Better Government Association +non-profit  +
Bill of Rights Defense Committee +non-profit  +
Black Box Voting +non-profit  +
Brechner Center for Freedom of Information +academic  +, non-profit  +


California First Amendment Coalition +non-profit  +
Californians Aware +non-profit  +
Campaign Finance Institute +non-profit  +
Campaign Legal Center +non-profit  +
Center for American Progress +non-profit  +
Center for National Security Studies +non-profit  +
Center for Progressive Reform +non-profit  +
Center for Responsive Politics +non-profit  +
Citizen Advocacy Center +non-profit  +
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