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Adam Putnam +Florida House of Representatives  +
Adam Schiff +California State Senate  +, 1996 - 2000  +
Adam Smith +Washington Senate  +
Addison Wilson +South Carolina State Senate  +
Adrian Smith +Nebraska Legislature  +
Al Franken +n/a  +
Al Green +Justice of the Peace  +
Alan Mollohan +none  +
Albert Chandler +Kentucky Attorney General  +, Kentucky State Auditor  +
Albio Sires +Mayor  +, West New York; New Jersey General Assembly  +
Alcee Hastings +U.S. District Court judge  +, Broward County Circuit Court judge  +
Alice Titus +Nevada Senate  +
Allen Boyd +Florida House of Representatives  +
Allyson Schwartz +Pennsylvania Senate  +, Philadelphia Department of Human Services  +, Pennsylvania State Board of Education  +
Amy Klobuchar +Hennepin County Attorney  +
Ander Crenshaw +Florida Senate  +, Florida House of Representatives  +
Anh Cao +Orleans Parish Board of Election Supervisors  +
Ann Kirkpatrick +Arizona State Legislature  +
Anna Eshoo +San Mateo County Supervisor  +
Anthony David Weiner +New York City Council  +
Arlen Specter +Philadelphia District Attorney  +, Assistant Counsel  +, Warren Commission  +,
Artur Davis +none  +


Barack Obama +U.S. Senate  +, Illinois Senate  +
Barbara Boxer +US House of Representatives  +, 1982-92  +, Marin County Board of Supervisors  +,
Barbara Cubin +Wyoming Senate  +, Wyoming House of Representatives  +
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