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This is a property of type String.

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AK-Senate Class II Seat +II  +
AK-Senate Class III Seat +III  +
AL-Senate Class II Seat +II  +
AL-Senate Class III Seat +III  +
AR-Senate Class II Seat +II  +
AR-Senate Class III Seat +III  +
AZ-Senate Class I Seat +I  +
AZ-Senate Class III Seat +III  +
Adam Kinzinger +III  +
Adam Putnam +II  +
Adam Schiff +I  +
Adam Smith +I  +
Addison Wilson +I  +
Al Franken +II  +
Al Green +III  +
Alan Grayson +II  +
Alan Mollohan +III  +
Alan Nunnelee +III  +
Alcee Hastings +II  +
Alice Titus +I  +
Allen Boyd +III  +
Allyson Schwartz +III  +
Amy Klobuchar +I  +
Ander Crenshaw +III  +
Anh Cao +I  +
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