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{{SOPA Senate whip count |Daniel Akaka whip status=undeclared |Daniel Akaka whip note=After calling his office, one of his aides said that he was still undecided, but that he would post his position on his website shortly. Statement: "hopeful we can strike a balance that clearly protects against censorship and ensures the security and stability of the Internet." |Lamar Alexander whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Lamar Alexander whip note= |Kelly Ayotte whip status=No - published |Kelly Ayotte whip note=Tweeted: "Thx 2 NHers contacting me abt #SOPA #PIPA. I'm pulling my support bc your concerns deserve consideration before Congress moves fwd." Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) she is still listed as a cosponsor. |John Barrasso whip status=undeclared |Max Baucus whip status=undeclared |Max Baucus whip note=One of his staffers said that Sen. Baucus still hadn't made any public statements regarding the bill and was still undecided. |Mark Begich whip status=No - published |Mark Begich whip note=On 1/18, Senator Begich tweeted: "I Oppose PIPA. Online piracy needs to be addressed, but the current form of the bill isn’t the proper way to do it."!/SenatorBegich/status/159772935450669056 |Michael Bennet whip status=No - leaning (published) |Michael Bennet whip note=Statement on 1/17: Statement on 1/19: Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Jeff Bingaman whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Jeff Bingaman whip note= |Richard Blumenthal whip status=No - leaning (published) |Richard Blumenthal whip note=I spoke with an aide who said the Senator has said he is opposed to the bill. CT News Junkie report: Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Roy Blunt whip status=No - published |Roy Blunt whip note="Senate Leader Harry Reid is pushing forward with legislation that is deeply flawed and still needs much work. That is why I’m withdrawing my co-sponsorship for the Protect IP Act." Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |John Boozman whip status=No - published |John Boozman whip note="I will have my name removed as a co-sponsor of the bill and plan to vote against it if Majority Leader Reid brings it to the floor in its current form." Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Barbara Boxer whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Barbara Boxer whip note= As of 21:22, January 20, 2012 (UTC), staffer said she had "No position released" on how she would vote, but was still a co-sponsor. |Scott Brown whip status=No - published |Scott Brown whip note="I’m going to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA. The Internet is too important to our economy." |Sherrod Brown whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Sherrod Brown whip note= |Richard Burr whip status=No - published |Richard Burr whip note="I agree with the need to address piracy online and protect intellectual property, but I am opposed to the overarching regulations contained in this bill. I hope we can address these concerns in a meaningful way, but limiting the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and stifling innovation is not the way to go about it." |Maria Cantwell whip status=No - published |Maria Cantwell whip note= |Benjamin Cardin whip status=No - published |Benjamin Cardin whip note=Cardin's a co-sponsor, but after hearing from concerned citizens, he's a "no" vote on PIPA as currently written. I called and spoke with a staffer who said the senator is a co-sponsor of the bill but has decided to vote against it as currently written. jwi 1-18-2012 12:30PM EST. Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Thomas Carper whip status=undeclared |Thomas Carper whip note=No position yet: |Robert Casey whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Robert Casey whip note= |C. Saxby Chambliss whip status=No - leaning (published) |C. Saxby Chambliss whip note=Withdrew sponsorship on January 20, providing this statement to the media: ""It was always clear that the PROTECT I.P. Act [PIPA] needed to be perfected, and that legitimate concerns needed to be addressed before this bill could move forward. Given this and my constituents' concerns, it was my intention to vote against cloture of this bill. With the majority leader's decision to postpone Tuesday's vote on the PROTECT I.P. Act, I am withdrawing my co-sponsorship to await the resolution of the outstanding issues. However, I still believe that online theft is a serious issue, and that Congress does need to make certain that our laws adequately protect the interests of rights holders." |Daniel Coats whip status=undeclared |Daniel Coats whip note=Called and talked with a staffer. She said Senator Coats has not yet decided his position on PIPA and was taking constituent viewpoints into consideration before making his final decision (1:30 p.m. EST 1/18) |Tom Coburn whip status=No - leaning (published) |Tom Coburn whip note=Asked Reid to delay the vote: |Thad Cochran whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Thad Cochran whip note= "U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Oxford, may be rethinking his support of a bill intended to combat Internet piracy, a spokesman indicated on Wednesday," |Susan Collins whip status=No - leaning (published) |Susan Collins whip note= |Kent Conrad whip status=undeclared |Kent Conrad whip note=His aide said he has no stance on the bill and is taking comments. As of Jan. 18 2012 the stance is still undecided and still taking comments. |Chris Coons whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Chris Coons whip note= |Bob Corker whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Bob Corker whip note= |John Cornyn whip status=No - leaning (published) |John Cornyn whip note="“Stealing content is theft, plain and simple, but concerns about the internet and free speech necessitate a more thoughtful, deliberative process.” |Michael Crapo whip status=No - leaning (verbal) |Michael Crapo whip note=On 1/18: "I recognize the need to protect intellectual property rights, however, this legislation has raised some concern that it would come at the expense of the constitutionally protected right of free speech. Please know, if this issue is debated in the 112th Congress, I will work with my colleagues to strike the proper balance between protecting intellectual property rights as well as freedom of speech." |Jim DeMint whip status=No - published |Jim DeMint whip note="I support intellectual property rights, but I oppose SOPA & PIPA. They're misguided bills that will cause more harm than good."!/JimDeMint/status/159622833293635585 |Richard Durbin whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Richard Durbin whip note= |Michael Enzi whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Michael Enzi whip note= |Dianne Feinstein whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Dianne Feinstein whip note= As of 21:22, January 20, 2012 (UTC), Feinstein supports postponement, agrees that the bill needs changes, but wants to remain a co-sponsor because she supports the goal of anti-piracy. |Al Franken whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Al Franken whip note= As of 2:51 EST, his mailbox is full |Kirsten Gillibrand whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Kirsten Gillibrand whip note= |Lindsey Graham whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Lindsey Graham whip note= |Charles Grassley whip status=No - leaning (published) |Charles Grassley whip note=Asked Reid to delay the vote: Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Kay Hagan whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Kay Hagan whip note="As with all proposed legislation, legitimate concerns have been raised about some of the specific provisions in this bill. I believe that supporters and opponents of the bill, all of whom agree, after all, on the need to combat the theft of American intellectual property, should work together to address those concerns. As you may know, the Senate is scheduled to begin consideration of this legislation later this month, and I intend to approach the debate and amendment process with an open mind. Through a full and robust debate, I believe we can improve the legislation, ultimately reaching an agreement that will protect intellectual property without limiting innovation and creativity or creating unintended consequences." |Thomas Harkin whip status=undeclared |Thomas Harkin whip note=As of 23:04, January 19, 2012 (UTC): the Senator is "still reviewing the bill"; they've gotten a "lot of input" over the last few days. |Orrin Hatch whip status=No - published |Orrin Hatch whip note=Withdrew sponsorship, bill is "not ready for prime time" Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Dean Heller whip status=undeclared |John Hoeven whip status=undeclared |John Hoeven whip note=District staffer "Ilene" said the Senator wouldn't have a position until the bill was finalized. |Kay Hutchison whip status=undeclared |Kay Hutchison whip note=The Senator has no position and will continue to have no position until the bill is finished and released to a senate vote, according to a staffer. |James Inhofe whip status=No - published |James Inhofe whip note= |Daniel Inouye whip status=undeclared |Daniel Inouye whip note=The aide I spoke with said that Senator Inouye is undecided. |John Isakson whip status=Yes - cosponsor |John Isakson whip note= |Mike Johanns whip status=No - published |Mike Johanns whip note= |Tim Johnson whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Tim Johnson whip note= |Ron Johnson whip status=undeclared |John Kerry whip status=undeclared |John Kerry whip note=Responded to a number of constituent calls with a "has not yet taken a position." See the [[Protect IP Act Senate contact log#John Kerry (D-MA)|Senate contact log]] for details. |Mark Kirk whip status=No - published |Mark Kirk whip note=Will vote against the bill as currently written: |Amy Klobuchar whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Amy Klobuchar whip note= |Herbert Kohl whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Herbert Kohl whip note= |Jon Kyl whip status=No - leaning (verbal) |Jon Kyl whip note=Called the DC office where the staffer indicated he was leaning against the bill but would not have an official statement until he sees the final version of the bill. |Mary Landrieu whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Mary Landrieu whip note= |Frank Lautenberg whip status=No - leaning (published) |Frank Lautenberg whip note=!/FrankLautenberg/status/159675433875554304 |Patrick Leahy whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Patrick Leahy whip note=Cosponsor Said he was going to strip the DNS provisions.[1] |Mike Lee whip status=No - leaning (published) |Mike Lee whip note=Asked Reid to delay the vote: |Carl Levin whip status=undeclared |Joseph Lieberman whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Joseph Lieberman whip note= |Richard Lugar whip status=undeclared |Richard Lugar whip note=Spoke with a staffer and Senator Lugar has not yet made a final decision about his position (1:30 p.m. EST 1/18). |Joe Manchin whip status=undeclared |Joe Manchin whip note=Manchin's spokeswoman, 1/19: "Senator Manchin understands that the issues covered by the SOPA and PIPA legislation are of tremendous importance to the American economy and that valid concerns have been raised on both sides. He is closely examining the legislation." |John McCain whip status=Yes - cosponsor |John McCain whip note= DC office isn't even answering the phone on this one. Shunted to voicemail. |Claire McCaskill whip status=No - published |Claire McCaskill whip note="I was not a co sponsor of PIPA. I cannot support it in its current form." |Mitch McConnell whip status=No - published |Mitch McConnell whip note= |Robert Menendez whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Robert Menendez whip note= the latest:!/SenatorMenendez/statuses/159414017763442688 |Jeffery Merkley whip status=No - published |Jeffery Merkley whip note= |Barbara Mikulski whip status=No - leaning (verbal) |Barbara Mikulski whip note=I Called 1-18-2012 12:30 PM EST; staffer said Ms Mikulski is opposed to SOPA but has not yet taken a position on PIPA. I asked to register my opinion against such legislation. I left my name and zip code and the staffer said she would pass the message along to the senator. Via email on PIPA, on 1/19/12, she says "There are a number of provisions in the bill that I am concerned about, particularly language affecting Domain Name Servers (DNS). Legislation as wide-ranging as this needs a more open and thorough review from all sides of the debate. I am pleased that Senator Leahy — the author of the bill — has said he is open to changes to address this and other issues. The current language in the bill needs to be improved before I could consider supporting its final passage." |Jerry Moran whip status=No - published |Jerry Moran whip note=Was a co-sponsor on June 23, 2011, but withdrew that on June 27, 2011. |Lisa Murkowski whip status=No - published |Lisa Murkowski whip note= |Patty Murray whip status=No - leaning (published) |Patty Murray whip note="Protecting IP is vital for jobs & econ in WA, but I have real concerns with #SOPA & #PIPA as currently drafted. Changes should be made." |Bill Nelson whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Bill Nelson whip note= |E. Benjamin Nelson whip status=undeclared |E. Benjamin Nelson whip note="since there is currently no motion to proceed on the bill, the Senator has not taken a position on it" |Rob Portman whip status=undeclared |Rand Paul whip status=No - published |Rand Paul whip note= |Mark Pryor whip status=No - leaning (published) |Mark Pryor whip note=On 1/18: "I am concerned that the Protect IP Act (PIPA) has too many unanswered questions and could lead to many unintended consequences." |John Reed whip status=No - published |John Reed whip note=“I am opposed to passage of this legislation as currently drafted.” |Harry Reid whip status=Yes - leaning (published) |Harry Reid whip note= |James Risch whip status=undeclared |James Risch whip note=Has asked for more time before going to a vote. [2] |Pat Roberts whip status=No - published |Pat Roberts whip note="Put me down for NO. While I recognize that copyright and patent holders need protection, the current SOPA and PIPA bills could destroy online entrepreneurship and innovation and could endanger the First Amendment." |John Rockefeller whip status=No - leaning (verbal) |John Rockefeller whip note=21:42, January 20, 2012 (UTC) - DC staffer said the Senator views the PR-IP is effectively dead; view around the office is that he would vote against it if it came to a vote. |Marco Rubio whip status=No - published |Marco Rubio whip note="I have decided to withdraw my support for the Protect IP Act. Furthermore, I encourage Senator Reid to abandon his plan to rush the bill to the floor." Note that as of 21:47, January 19, 2012 (UTC) he is still listed as a cosponsor. |Bernard Sanders whip status=No - leaning (published) |Bernard Sanders whip note=1/19: "should improve before it reaches a vote. ": |Charles Schumer whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Charles Schumer whip note= On 1/13 the Senator still supported the act, according to one of his constituents |Jefferson Sessions whip status=No - leaning (published) |Jefferson Sessions whip note=Asked Reid to delay the vote: |Jeanne Shaheen whip status=Yes - cosponsor |Jeanne Shaheen whip note= Spoke with Mark in her office 1/19 @ 12:30 PM, says Senator Shaheen will be reviewing her support of the bill. |Richard Shelby whip status=undeclared |Richard Shelby whip note=Called DC office, no indication as to when he would be declaring a position. |Olympia Snowe whip status=No - leaning (published) |Olympia Snowe whip note= |Debbie Stabenow whip status=undeclared |Jon Tester whip status=No - leaning (verbal) |Jon Tester whip note=Said in an email (1/19/12) that while copyright laws are important so is an open and free internet |John Thune whip status=No - published |John Thune whip note=