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Reid Haire was a Democratic candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky

Reid Haire was a Democratic candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 2nd Congressional District (map) of Kentucky. He was seeking the Democratic nomination to replace incumbent Rep. Ron Lewis (R-Ky.), who is retiring at the end of his term. Haire lost to David Boswell in the primary which took place on May 20, 2008. [1]


Positions, record and controversies


Age 60

Party Democrat

Office U.S. House

Place United States

District 2

Occupation Title: Daviess County Judge/Executive Employer: Daviess County Fiscal Court

Political posts Daviess County Judge/Executive -- Three Terms in Office

Education Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Bellarmine University

Civic involvement Green River District Health Department Board Chair; P-16 Regional Education Alliance Co-Chair; Economic Development Corporation, Executive Committee; Green River Area Development District, Past Chair; Audubon Area Community Services, Vice Chair; Industrial Development Authority, Vice Chair; Daviess County Gun Club, Lifetime Member; Economic Development Properties, Inc, Vice Chair All Current Positions

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this office?

I am the most qualified candidate for this office because I have the vision, the understanding and the experience necessary to bring the REAL change we need in Washington.

What is the most crucial issue facing the office you are seeking, and how would you address it?

I believe we need REAL change of direction in our country including sending people to Washington who are focused on REAL results not just more talk and more pointing fingers. For the last eight years, the Bush Cheney administration has repeatedly proven it is incompetent to meet the challenges we face, lacks the understanding to know what those challenges are, or is so completely out of touch that it perversely chooses to pursue policies that move us in the wrong direction around the world and here at home.

If elected, what would be your chief priorities?

For millions of hardworking middle class families, life under Bush/Cheney has grown less affordable and less secure. 80,000 working Americans lost their job in March -- the third month of job losses in a row. This is a clear example of the failed Bush/Cheney economic agenda that favors the wealthy on the backs of the wage earners. This administration took just one weekend to bail out Bear Sterns (huge Wall Street Firm) but they do nothing for us who live on OUR street as hundreds of Americans lose their homes each and every day. In Kentucky, people are earning less than they did in 2000. In 2000 the median income was $42,460. In 2006, the median income was $39,485 -- a 7% pay cut. Rising energy costs are squeezing the pocketbooks of middle class families and straining an economy already under stress. We need an energy program that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and helps protect our environment. We need to put our citizens' interest ahead of Big Oil Profits and commit to growing clean industries that create 21st century jobs. I am committed to fight for making health care affordable and accessible to every American, making sure all of our citizens have access to quality education and making sure that the service of those who have risked everything to defend us is honored. We can do better. We must do better. [2]

2008 elections

Haire was seeking the Democratic nomination to replace Rep. Ron Lewis (R-Ky.) in the 2008 congressional elections. He was defeated in the primary election by David Boswell.[1] [3][4]

Money in politics

Information on this candidate's 2008 fundraising is not yet available. Stay tuned for live feeds of data from the Center for Responsive Politics' site.

Committees and affiliations


Haire will be assigned committees if and when he is elected to Congress.


More background data


Official Haire for Congress Web site

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