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The Senate Special Committee on Aging was initially established in 1961 as a temporary committee; it became a permanent committee of the United States Senate in 1977. As a special committee, it has no legislative authority, but it studies issues related to older Americans, particularly Medicare and Social Security .[1]

Prior to the passage of Medicare, the committee was studying health care insurance coverage for elderly American citizens. The committee conducts oversight of the Medicare program, Social Security and the Older Americans Act. Some of the issues that have been examined by the committee include unacceptable conditions in nursing homes, protection from age discrimination, and pricing practices for prescription drugs.



Herbert H. KohlDWI
Ron WydenDOR
Blanche LincolnICT
Evan BayhDMT
Bill NelsonDFL
Thomas R. CarperDDE
Bill NelsonDFL
Bob CaseyDPA
Claire McCaskillDMO
Sheldon WhitehouseDRI
Kirsten GillibrandDNY
Michael BennetDCO
Mel MartinezDNM
Richard ShelbyRAL
Susan CollinsRME
Bob CorkerRTN
Arlen SpecterRME
Orrin HatchRUT
Lindsey GrahamRSC

Previous committee membership

110th Congress (2007-2008)

Members of the
Senate Special Committee on Aging,
110th Congress
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109th Congress (2005-2006)

Members of the
Senate Special Committee on Aging,
109th Congress
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  • Staff office - (202) 224-5364

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