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Accountability in Contracting Act
Bill of vote Accountability in Contracting Act +
Billnumber H1362 +
Chamber 111th United States Congress +
Congress number 110th +
Congressnumber 110 +
Drum Major Institute 2007 House Scorecard description Whether it’s military contractors acceptin Whether it’s military contractors accepting kickbacks in Iraq, no-bid contracts with a guaranteed profit margin for companies cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina, or politically-connected businesses landing lucrative contracts to provide materials to the Department of Education, it is middle-class taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill. With spending on federal contracts reaching more than $400 billion in 2006—more than double the level in 2000—middle-class taxpayers have more incentive than ever to demand efficient spending. Yet lax oversight is provoking increased concern about waste, fraud, and profiteering. Combined with legislation that protects whistleblowers who reveal cases of fraud, this bill represents an important step toward making sure that taxpayer money is spent effectively and efficiently. oney is spent effectively and efficiently.
Drum Major Institute 2007 House Scorecard position Aye +
Drum Major Institute 2007 House Scorecard source Http:// +
Modification date
Roll call number 156 +
Scorecard vote Drum Major Institute 2007 House Scorecard +
Session number 1 +
Categories Elections and Government Policy (U.S.)  + , Tagged legislation  + , U.S. legislation  + , Record votes  + , Congresspedia  +
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Accountability in Contracting Act + , U.S. House of Representatives record vote 156, 110th Congress, Session 1 + Bill of vote


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