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Schoppe for Congress

Local entrepreneur Stephen Michael Schoppe is seeking to unseat 22 year incumbent Lamar Smith in the heavily Republican 21st Congressional district. Schoppe is the first Republican to enter the race against Smith. Schoppe respects Smith and his service to our country but believes he is “out of touch” with his constituency.

“Unfortunately, Congressman Smith was on the wrong side of the people when he voted for the banker bailouts last fall. Corporate welfare and bailouts are the antithesis of a free market. We have yet to realize the full damage these bailouts will have on our nations’ economy.”

Schoppe’s focus to exercise free market discipline is a subset of his passion to restore constitutional principles. “America is drifting off course with unproductive wars, out of control spending, unimaginable debt, just to name a few. Our prosperity lies with the principles of life, liberty, and property not statist or collectivist philosophies”, Schoppe commented.

Stephen Michael Schoppe was born 1975 in Austin, Texas. Raised in Leander (K-12) he graduated from Leander High School in 1993. After completing one year of higher education he left to provide critical support to an electronic manufacturing service company he co-founded. He helped grow Process Sciences, Inc. with virtually no capital to a formidable competitor capable of evolving with a fast paced industry. Stephen was responsible for sales and later engineering until he assumed leadership of the company in 2001. Stephen has developed processes to handle challenges presented by new technologies and written technical papers and given numerous presentations.

In 2002 Stephen Married Tiffany Ann Waller. He became the proud father of twin daughters in 2006. He currently resides just west of Leander where he is active in his local United Methodist Church, serving as endowment chair and on the Staff Parish Relations committee.