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Dr. Susan L. Adams, registered nurse practitioner, is a candidate for Congress in the California’s newly formed 2nd District, an open seat created by the retirement of Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.

Susan Adams is running for Congress to fight for the priorities of communities here in Coastal California. She will work hard to rebuild thriving economies, protect health and access to quality care, apply innovative solutions to public safety and implement clean renewable energy programs which will benefit communities for generations to come. Currently Adams represents the 1st District on the Marin County Board of Supervisors where she has earned a reputation for innovative solutions to local problems, including her work on green energy jobs and therapeutic justice programs.

Susan and her family have deep, multigenerational roots in Northern California. Born in San Francisco, Adams attended Lowell High School in San Francisco and nursing school at San Francisco State University. She completed both her master’s and doctoral degree in nursing at UCSF.

As a maternity clinical specialist and a women’s health nurse practitioner, she has dedicated her life to improving family health. Adams will bring her professional expertise to Congress to keep patients and their healthcare providers in charge of healthcare decisions, not insurance company bureaucrats.

Adams is a mother and grandmother. Her brother has served seven tours of duty overseas compelling her to work even harder to bring our men and women home and she will continue to make veterans’ affairs a top priority—including their post war after care.

She has served at the National Association of Counties on the Health Steering Committee, was appointed to the California Chief Justice’s Task Force on Mentally Ill Offenders and has served with county supervisors in all 58 California counties on the State Association and serves in a leadership position for the National Association of Counties Health Committee. She currently chairs the Marin Board of Supervisors, the Marin Housing Authority, the Marin Transit District, the Disaster Council and serves as Director of Emergency Services.