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Suzan DelBene, a Democrat, has represented the Eighth Congressional District of Washington since 2012.


Positions, record and controversies


Suzan DelBene worked at Microsoft from 1989 to 1998, and rejoined the company in 2004 working until 2007 as a corporate vice president. In the interim, she was the founding vice president of marketing and store development at (1998-1999) and CEO of Nimble Technology (2000 — 2004). DelBene presently works as a Strategic Advisor for Global Partnerships. [1] [2]


Science policy tracking by Michelle Brook, SEA (International Science Policy) Intern

STEM Education


Reichert has questions, not answers, on Gulf oil spill June 18, 2010

Suzan DelBene and Dave Reichert were asked a few questions regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. DelBene said she supports President Obama's decision to put a six-month moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling and the creation of a $20 billion BP escrow fund, saying she believes “BP needs to be held accountable”. She would also support the liability cap for offshore drillers to be raised.


Climate Change

Suzan DelBene of WA-08 @eKos Jun 07, 2010

Suzan DelBene blogs at the Daily Kos saying she believes in climate change and sees climate change as providing the opportunity to develop technology creating energy from renewable and green sources, reducing dependence on foreign oil.


Ensuring Affordable, High-Quality Health Care

Suzan DelBene states on her candidate page that she views the health care reform bill as an important step forwards but believes there are many important issues that need to be resolved such as the need to introduce a public option.


Research and Development Funding


Suzan DelBene: Democrat for Congress

Mail DelBene for Congress,

PO Box 1406 Bellevue,

WA 98009

Campaign Headquarters,

1171 Kirkland Ave NE Renton,

WA 98056

Phone (425) 203-1220


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