Syria Accountability and Liberation Act

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The Syria Accountability and Liberation Act (H.R. 2332) was a bill in the 110th Congress " to strengthen sanctions against the Government of Syria, to enhance multilateral commitment to address the Government of Syria's threatening policies, to establish a program to support a transition to a democratically-elected government in Syria, and for other purposes." (Official title.)[1]


Current status

Bill summary

  • States that U.S. sanctions, controls, and regulations relating to Syria shall remain in effect until the President certifies that Syria has ceased support for terrorism, has dismantled biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons programs and has committed to combat their proliferation, respects the boundaries and sovereignty of all neighboring countries, and upholds human rights and civil liberties.[2]
  • Imposes specified trade, assistance, and military sanctions, as appropriate, on persons or countries that transfer goods or technology so as to contribute to Syria's biological, chemical, nuclear, or advanced conventional weapons programs.
  • Imposes specified sanctions aimed at Syria's energy sector.[2]
  • Sets forth diplomatic measures intended to isolate the government of Syria.[2]
  • Directs the President to provide assistance to support a democratic transition in Syria. Authorizes appropriations.[2]

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