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Science policy tracking by Nirav Patel, SEA (Climate Policy) Intern
“'People are mad' Republican rally in Richland draws 250” 4/7/2010
This article states that Burns described himself as pro-life, pro-gun, pro-common sense and pro-business. It also says that Burns is doesn’t believe in the cap and trade legislation as it will cripple business and drive up energy costs.

He believes that the coal and natural gas in his region will help fuel the economy by creating jobs. It seems his number one issue is to create jobs and better the economy. He doesn’t want to destroy the coal industry and doesn’t want to have laws that make it costly not to go green.



Burns believes in trying to restructure the highways and bridges in his area as they have been neglected for too many years. Burns wants to reauthorize the surface and transportation act which would also help create more jobs in the area.

Burns wants to repeal the healthcare bill. He doesn’t like the idea that it will increase taxes, decrease jobs, and increase debt for future generations. He will try to pass a healthcare reform that will lower costs and increase access without destroying the economy.

“Health Care “
Burns pledges to vote to make health care premiums 100% deductible. He also supports the patient’s bill of rights, and reimportation of cheaper drugs from outside countries. Burns also plans on fighting against lawsuits that are driving doctors away and costing patients a lot of money.

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