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Tony Buntyn is a Republican Candidate for Florida's 11th Congressional District. Tony and his wife Carol have lived in Tampa since 1996. Their 2 children attend public schools near their home in South Tampa. Tony and Carol have been married for 23 years. This is Tony's first run for political office.

Tony is an Information Technology Security Engineer and a Colonel in the US Air Force Reserve*. Tony enlisted in 1979 and served as a Teletype Operator until he earned a commission in 1984. He has served in the Mississippi Air National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard and the US Air Force Reserve for over 30 years.

Since 9/11, Tony has been activated three times, serving overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and stateside for Operation Noble Eagle and disaster relief efforts. Most recently, Tony was the Vice Commander of the USAF Cyber Command Provisional at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. Tony's efforts led to the creation of the 24th Air Force, a warfighting Command with a $6B budget and 20,000+ Active, Guard, and Reserve personnel.

In 2002-2003 Tony served at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar to establish the USAF's Combined Air Operation Center which commands all combat air operations in the Middle East for US Central Command. Tony led the team that built the $70M command center and served as the Deputy Director of Communications. Tony has earned numerous decorations for his service including the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star Medal.

Tony is a patriot that believes that the United States is still the greatest country in the history of the world. But, we must be vigilant and defend our nation against all enemies. Tony will work hard to stop out of control government growth and spending and to lower taxes. He will encourage the creation of jobs by reducing the heavy government burden on small business. Tony will seek stronger enforcement of existing labor laws to dry up the supply of jobs to illegal immigrants, making these jobs available to legal residents. He will support a strong national defense and will protect the benefits of our Troops and Veterans. Tony will support domestic clean energy research, exploration, and production, to reduce dependence on foreign sources and to generate domestic jobs.

Please support Tony in his effort to represent all citizens of Florida's 11th District.

For more info go to the website:

Why am I running for Congress?

I've never run for nor held public office. I've served our country in the military reserves for over 30 years and have great pride in the United States of America. Over this past year, I have become extremely concerned with the direction our country is headed. We are experiencing a striking recession and alarming unemployment. Our government has responded by taking control of much of the domestic auto industry and bailing out businesses deemed 'too large to fail'. Government spending is out of control. With the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, and most media outlets in a love fest with the White House, there is nothing to stop the liberal agenda.
I became especially alarmed with the speed that the 111th Congress was pushing harmful legislation which culminated in the failed HR3200 bill to reform healthcare coverage. The bill was on its way to passage without significant debate when the American people revolted. The outpouring of negative comments stopped that bill from passing.

The people realized that Healthcare is not the most critical issue facing this Country, the economy is the most critical issue. The Democrats are looking to reform Healthcare at the expense of the economy. The American people know that a thriving economy would go a long way toward fixing Healthcare.

I have seen the revolution growing from the Right and Center. Please help me save our great Nation from the Democrat driven train wreck that is coming..

Thank you,
Tony Buntyn