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The Americas

Poder Ciudadano - Argentina
  • “The chapter's 'Transparency and Anti-Corruption' division works to develop action plans and tools to promote transparency in public administration, primarily in the areas of public contracting, various stages of budget execution, and ensuring approval of and compliance with International Anti-Corruption Conventions.” Founded 1989.
Transparencia Bolivia
  • seeks “to foster the creation of a culture of transparency and accountability in Bolivia [by:] supporting citizen participation in the development of public policy; generating tools, developing methodologies and promoting mechanisms for use in the fight against corruption in both the public and the private spheres, and in society at large.” Founded 2008.
Transparency International Canada
  • aims “to inform businesses, government, and the general public of the effects of corruption in national and international marketplaces, and to provide support and resources for public and private sector initiatives to prevent corrupt business practices.” Founded 1996.
Chile Transparente
  • “works to foster a culture of transparency and probity in Chile. To this end, the chapter works to design indicators to serve as reliable tools in ascertaining the perceptions and reality of transparency and corruption in the country, as well as to systematize and integrate such terms into mainstream language.” TI Chapter since 1998.
Transparencia por Colombia
  • serves “as a point of reference for efforts and discussion focusing on integrity and transparency in the country and region. Transparencia por Colombia works with the public and private sector, as well as with civil society.” Founded 1998.
Participacion Ciudadana - Dominican Republic
  • aims “to contribute to the Dominican community by strengthening social justice, democracy, and civic involvement. Its areas of work include, among others; monitoring elections, promoting public administration transparency, and fostering democratic values.” Founded 1993.
Fundacion Nacional Para el Desarrollo (FUNDE) - El Salvador
  • “FUNDE's work to promote transparency in El Salvador has started by monitoring the campaign of the 2009 general elections.” Founded 2009.
Accion Ciudadana - Guatemala
  • “has worked since 1998 in the area of transparency, developing a host of activities aimed at fighting corruption. Its main spheres of action are geared towards guiding state-citizenry relations, promoting transparency in matters of public interest and strengthening the democratic culture in the country.” Founded 1998.
Transparencia Mexicana - Mexico
  • focuses “on analysing and measuring corruption levels using tools such as the National Survey on Corruption and Good Governance and the Mexican Corporate Reputation Index.” Founded 1999.
Etica y Transparencia - Nicaragua
  • seeks “to promote transparency and public participation in the country through electoral observation...EyT has designed and implemented several projects that have aimed to analyze a wide range of sectors that include education, health, municipalities as well as legal electoral reforms. The organization also monitors local government procurements.”
Fundacion para el Desarrollo de la Libertad Ciudadana - Panama
  • “has developed a vast number of anti-corruption activities. Strengthening civic involvement and promoting public administration transparency are among its main lines of action.” Founded 1996.
The National Council for Public Ethics, PROETICA - Peru
  • is “an important referent in the fight against corruption in the country. Its main spheres of action include promoting access to information and encouraging transparent public contracting processes.” Founded 2001.
The Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute
  • “This national chapter's main areas of work include public contracting reform, access to information, public education and international conventions.” Joined TI 1998.
Transparency International USA
  • promotes “a comprehensive agenda, including advocacy of multilateral anti-corruption conventions, greater legal and regulatory transparency in trade and investment, stronger action by multilateral lending institutions, and private sector anti-bribery compliance.” Founded 1993.
Uruguay Transparente
  • aims “to promote transparency and accountability among the public, private and civil society sectors in Uruguay and to enable a citizen supervision of the activity of the State.” Founded 1995.
Transparencia Venezuela (TV)
  • focuses “on promoting transparency in the public sector, municipalities, and the judicial branch. TV additionally seeks to promote transparency during elections and to generally improve access to information.” Founded 2000.


East Asia

Transparency International China
  • seeks “to create positive change towards a world free of corruption and thereby assist in reducing poverty.” Founded 2008.
Transparency International Japan
  • seeks “to create a Japan that is corruption free in both its domestic and international dealings.” Founded 2005.
Transparency International Chinese Taipei
Transparency International Korea (South)
  • envisions “a Korea in which government, politics, business, civil society and daily lives shall be free from corruption.” Founded 1999.

South East Asia

Transparency International Indonesia
  • envisions “An Indonesia in which government, politics, business, civil society, and people’s daily lives are free of corruption.” Founded 2000.
Transparency International Malaysia
  • envisions “To achieve efficiency and transparency in delivery systems; promote openness and integrity in procurement; advocate for more access to information by the public and institutional changes.” Founded 1998.
Transparency International Philippines
  • envisions “a Philippine society that is free of corruption, with the establishment of a National Integrity System that curbs corruption by increasing the level of public awareness on the menace of corruption.” Founded 1998.
Transparency Thailand
  • seeks to achieve transparency for the entire Thai society, focusing on access to information, civic engagement, investigative journalism, and youth and education. Founded 1999.
Transparency International Bangladesh
  • envisions “a Bangladesh where government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of the people will be free from corruption.” Founded 1996.
Transparency International India
  • seeks “To create a corruption free India, so that the poor don’t lose their voice to corruption.” Founded 1997.
Transparency International Nepal
  • envisions “a Nepal in which government, politics, business, civil society and the people are free of corruption.” Founded 1996.
Transparency International Pakistan
  • seeks “to make Pakistan a transparent and less corrupt country, a better place to live in.” Founded 2000.
Transparency International Sri Lanka
  • seeks “to build a nation of integrity.” Founded 1999.
Transparency International Maldives
  • envisions “a Maldives in which government, politics, business, civil society, and the daily lives of all people shall be free from corruption.” Founded 2008.


Transparency International Australia
  • aims “to increase transparency and strengthen integrity systems in Australia and support the effective implementation of anti-corruption initiatives in the Asia Pacific region while seeking to ensure the chapter has capacity to achieve its objectives.” Founded 1995.
Transparency International Fiji
  • seeks to create “a Fiji free of corruption” focusing on civic education, government and politics, and youth and education. Founded 1999.
Transparency International New Zealand
  • seeks “to promote transparency, good governance and ethical practices in the private and public sectors in New New Zealand business our region; and to contribute to the international effort to reduce corruption and promote good governance and ethical business practices.” Founded 1999.
Transparency International Papua New Guinea
  • envisions “an independent PNG where government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free from corruption.” Founded 1997.
Transparency Solomon Islands
  • seeks to create “clean government [and] honest business” through its focuses on civic education, government and politics, natural resources, and youth and education.” Founded 2003.
Transparency Vanuatu
  • is “committed to the principles of good governance, accountability, transparency and responsibility with a view to eliminating corruption in all its forms and within the spirit of the constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu.” Founded 2001.

Middle East and Africa

Middle East and North Africa

Bahrain Transparency Society
Kuwaiti Transparency Society
Lebanese Transparency Association
  • "the first Lebanese NGO that focuses on curbing corruption and promoting principles of good governance. Its main objective is to establish the rule of law, thus advancing the concepts of transparency and accountability. Founded 1999. Affiliated with TI since 2003.
Transparency Morocco
  • “The organization’s general objective is to fight against corruption in all its forms by following the strategy of promoting a national integrity system...on issues relating to corruption for initiatives and coalition building, particularly from civil society, the private sector and government.” Founded 1996, a TI Chapter since 1999.
The AMAN-Coalition for Integrity and Accountability
  • “seeks to advocate for and provide support towards uniting Palestinian efforts to combat corruption [and] participate in building an effective national integrity system.” Founded 2000.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Transparency International Cameroon
  • “seeks to prevent and combat corruption in the public and private sectors.” Founded 2000, TI Chapter since 2007.
The Ghana Integrity Initiative 
  • “aims to continuously create awareness about the negative effects of corruption; to empower citizens to demand responsiveness, accountability and transparency from people and institutions in Ghana; and by working with people and institutions to build a culture of integrity, where corruption is unprofitable for people working in government, politics, business and civil society organisations.” Founded 1999, TI Chapter since 2004.
La Fondation Heritage pour Haiti (LFHH)
  • “LFHH’s mission is to combat corruption, to promote the values of ethics, integrity, probity and accountability in the public and private spheres of Haitian society and to encourage collective respect for the standards of moral, accountable disciplined, law-abiding, democratic and transparent governance.” Founded 1999, TI Chapter since 2005.
Transparency International Kenya
  • works “to support citizens and governance institutions to effect transparency and accountability in public and business affairs through legal and policy frameworks, skills, knowledge and information.” TI Chapter since 1999.
Transparency International - Initiative Madagascar (TI-IM)
Transparency Mauritius
  • “has established itself as a perceptive and professional organisation in the fight against corruption in Mauritius. TM proposes an alternative approach to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in terms of its prevention, education and reform actions.” TI Chapter since 1999.
The Center for Public Integrity of Mozambique (Centro de Integridade Publica)
  • seeks “to promote integrity, transparency, ethics and good governance in the public sphere, and to promote human rights in Mozambique.” Founded 2005, TI Chapter since 2008.
The Association Nigerienne de Lutte contra la Corruption (ANLC)
Forum Civil - Senegal
  • “has managed in the last decade to establish itself as an unavoidable actor in the sphere of public debate with representations in most of the country’s major cities in charge of identifying priorities and developing local programmes of action in conformity with its guiding principles” including transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption. Established 1993. TI Chapter since 2000.
The National Accountability Group (NAG) - Sierra Leone
  • “is dedicated to achieving greater accountability, transparency, and integrity in private and public affairs, curbing corruption, and holding local and national governments accountable to the people of Sierra Leone.”
TI Uganda
  • “was accredited as a full TI National Chapter in 2004 and has been working to promote good governance and integrity in the country since 1994.”
TI Zambia
  • is “meant to raise awareness on anti corruption and the need for a consolidated approach to tackling corruption at different levels.” TI Chapter since 2000.
TI Zimbabwe
  • “aims to promote good governance by fostering a culture of accountability, transparency and integrity through research based advocacy, public education/awareness, policy advice and monitoring.” Founded 1996, TI Chapter since 2001.


Transparency International Albania
  • seeks to combat corruption in Albania.
Transparency International Anti-corruption Center - Armenia
  • aims “to promote effective public policy and good governance in Armenia in order to reduce corruption and strengthen democracy.” Founded 2000.
Transparency International Austria
  • seeks “to raise the general awareness of the issues of corruption and transparency in Austria and to mobilize relevant policies and reforms”
Transparency International Azerbaijan
  • seeks to combat corruption and further transparency in Azerbaijan. Founded 2000.
Belarus National Contact for Transparency International
Transparency International Belgium
  • seeks to promote integrity and combat corruption in Belgium and works in coalition with governments, the private sector, and civil society, national organizations like the World Bank, and regional development banks. Founded 1993.
Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • envisions a “Bosnia and Herzegovina with corruption level[s] comparable to the EU member states, a reform leader in Southeast Europe, with no poverty and in an advanced stage of sustainable economic development, attractive to foreign investment.” Founded 2002.
Transparency International Bulgaria
  • “actively participates in the global anti-corruption movement and contributes to the process of establishment of the national anti-corruption Integrity system [and] has two main focal points: a National and an International Program.” Founded 1998.
Transparency International Croatia (TI Hrvatska)
  • is “devoted to the increase of governmental accountability and the suppression of international and national corruption.” Founded 2000.
Transparency Cyprus
  • seeks to contribute to strengthening society and improving the quality of public and private governance in Cyprus, promoting transparency, integrity” and accountability.
Transparency International Czech Republic
  • brings “together relevant players from government, civil society, business and the media to promote transparency in elections, in public administration, in procurement and in business” and uses “advocacy campaigns to lobby governments to implement anti-corruption reforms.” Founded 1998.
Transparency International Denmark
  • aims: “to increase awareness of prevention of corruption at national and international level in companies, organizations and the press; to initiate and provide advice and guidance on actions (legislative, administrative and practical) that create greater transparency in the public and private sector decision making; to strengthen the strategic anti-corruption work of the authorities, companies and organizations; and to promote responsible and good business practice in Denmark and abroad.” Founded 1995.
Transparency International Estonia
  • mainly engages in “analyzing and highlighting the risks of corruption, awareness raising and strengthening cooperation between public institutions and private persons in the fight against corruption.” Registered as a separate NGO in 2007.
Transparency International Finland
  • aims “to stimulate debate on corruption, its threats and the devastating effects and provide practical tools for corruption and bribery.” Founded 2003.
Transparence-International France
  • aims to contribute significantly to improve public and private governance in France in terms of transparency, integrity and accountability and to prevent and fight against various forms of bribery, money laundering, and fraud. Founded 1995.
Transparency International Georgia
  • aims “to serve as the primary source of information on corruption reform in Georgia, to assist the Georgian government and the broader public in facilitating reform in sectors where corruption exists, to build and strengthen institutions and to promote good governance.” Founded 2000.
Transparency International Deutschland - Germany
  • focuses on corruption in Germany, with problems “ranging from the public to the private sphere, from the health care system to sports.” Founded 1993.
Transparency International Greece (Diethnis Diafaneia-Hella)
  • seeks “to fight indifference and ignorance toward issues of transparency and towards public administration that creates corruption [and to] re-establish institutions and combat corruption on the ground.” Founded 1996.
Transparency International Hungary
  • aims to combat corruption and promote transparency in Hungary. Founded 1996.
Transparency International Ireland
  • envisions “an Ireland that is open and fair – and where entrusted power is used in the interest of everyone. TI Ireland’s mission is to empower people with the support they need to promote integrity and stop corruption in all its forms.” Founded 2004.
Transparency International Israel
  • seeks “to promote transparency and ethics as a part of the fight against corruption within Israeli society.” Founded 1999.
Transparency International Italia
  • seeks to combat corruption. Founded 1996.
Transparency Kazakhstan, Civic Foundation
  • seeks to carry out democratic reforms, provide governmental and societal transparency, and decrease national and international corruption levels. Founded 1999.
Kosova Democratic Institute - Kosovo
  • aims “to support democratic development in Kosovo by empowering nongovernmental organizations and citizens to enhance the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of governing institutions and improve the efficiency of these institutions through citizen participation in decision-making.” Founded 2005.
Anti-Corruption Research Center Transparency International Kyrgyzstan
  • aims “to serve as the primary source of information for both the government and the broader public on corruption and reform in Kyrgyzstan, to work with the Kyrgyzstan Government and other organizations to limit the discretion of government officials, to build and strengthen institutions, to facilitate reform in sectors where corruption exists and to promote good governance in key policy fields.”
Transparency International Latvia DELNA
  • seeks to build an open, fair, and democratic society free from corruption in politics and business. Founded 2005.
Transparency International Lithuania
  • aims “to analyse the phenomenon of corruption, to promote civic anticorruption initiatives and to inform the public of the anticorruption activities in Lithuania.” Founded 2000.
Association Pour la Promotion de la Transparence (APPT) - Luxembourg
  • aims to combat corruption and promote transparency in Luxumbourg and to represent Luxembourg at the international level. Founded 2009.
Transparency International - Macedonia
  • seeks “to establish a system of good governance for efficient fight and prevention against corruption.” Founded 2006.
Transparency International - Moldova
  • aims “to convene the most proactive personalities known in the country as promoters of transparency, democracy and accountability - the key principles of anti-corruption activities.” Founded 2000.
Transparency International Mongolia
MANS (The Network for Affirmation of the NGO Sector) - Montenegro
  • “is dedicated to raising public awareness of social, economic and civic rights; supporting citizens and their associations to participate actively in the development, implementation and monitoring of social policies; and promoting cooperation and the exchange of information between all social groups.”
Transparency International Netherlands
  • seeks to combat corruption in the Netherlands.
Transparency International Norway
  • seeks to combat corruption in Norway.
Transparenciae Integridade, Associcao Civica (TIAC) - Portugal
  • envisions “a society where there is an effective access to information by an informed citizenry, strong and participatory...where there is an effective regulatory systems and organizations....justice...and a true sense of social responsibility by all economic agents.” Founded 2010.
Asociatia Romana pentru Transparenta / Transparency International Romania
  • aims “to prevent and fight corruption on a national and international level, mainly through researching, documenting, informing, educating and raising the awareness level of the public.” Founded 1999.
Center for Anti-Corruption Research and Initiative / Transparency International Russia
  • seeks to “encourage formation of anti-corruption attitudes by citizens and improve their knowledge of law, institutionalize principles of transparency in government, [and] prevent corruption by ensuring the effectiveness of formal anti-corruption mechanisms.”
Transparency Serbia / Transparentnost Srbija
  • seeks to combat corruption in Serbia. Founded 2000.
Transparency International Slovakia
  • “strives for cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in order to ...push for introduction and implementation of anti-corruption measures and to increase transparency in the public sector.” Founded 1998.
DRUSTVO Integriteta - Association for Ethics in Public Service - Slovenia
  • seeks to promote integrity and combat corruption in Slovenia. TI Chapter since 2009.
Transparency International Espana - Spain
  • aims to combat corruption in Spain.
Transparency International Sweden
  • seeks “to raise awareness about harmful effects of corruption and work for greater transparency in both public and private sectors.”
Transparency International Switzerland
  • aims to combat corruption in Swtizerland. Founded 1995.
Transparency International Turkey / Seffaflik Dernegi
  • “aims to set the rule of transparency, integrity and accountability principles in all segments of the society for the democratic, social and economic development of the country.” Founded 2008.
  • aims “to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.” TI contact group since 2009.
Transparency International UK
  • aims to “raise awareness about corruption, advocate legal and regulatory reform at national and international levels, design practical tools for institutions, individuals and companies wishing to combat corruption, [and] act as a leading centre of anti-corruption expertise in the UK.” Founded 1994.