U.S. Senate record vote 430, 110th Congress, Session 1

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Same for all scorecards:

Scored vote

Scorecard: American Conservative Union 2007 Senate Scorecard

Org. position: Nay


"Voting on a third revision of the Energy Bill, the Senate this time voted to pass legislation imposing massive new burdens on the energy industry of the United States while rejecting measures to increase domestic supplies of oil and gas. ACU continued to oppose this intervention in the economy. ACU opposed this massive expansion of welfare programs."

(Original scorecard available at: http://www.acuratings.org/)

Scored vote

Scorecard: Information Technology Industry Council 2007-2008 House Scorecard

Org. position: Aye


"Legislation to move the United States toward greater energy independence and security, developing innovative new technologies, reducing carbon emissions, creating green jobs, protecting consumers, increasing clean renewable energy production, and modernizing our energy infrastructure, and to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for the production of renewable energy and energy conservation."

(Original scorecard available at: http://www.itic.org/clientuploads/scorecards/13307_ITI_VoteGuide_FINAL.pdf)