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Hi Chetly, welcome to OpenCongress. I just wanted to let you know I downgraded Andrew Raczkowski to a rumored candidate because try as I may I couldn't find a source online saying he was confirmed as definitely running. If you know of one or can find one, please enter it in so we can re-upgrade his candidacy. I'm sure you can understand that in order to keep the site credible, we require some sort of linkable verification of information.

It sounds like you have some firsthand experience with some campaign literature, so if you'd like to get that verified, you could get in touch with James L, one of the RaceTracker coordinators and a blogger on SwingStateProject, (you can leave a note on his "discussion" page, as I have here) to get the SwingStateProject to put up a post verifying the information, that's what I'd recommend.

In any case, welcome! If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or whatever on how we can improve things, please drop me a note on my discussion page or send me an email directly at Thanks again! --Conor_Kenny 22:21, June 12, 2009 (UTC)