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<big>'''Community projects'''</big>
<big>'''Community projects'''</big>
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{| align="left" style="text-align:center" width="10pt"
{{#click:Project:Stop SOPA and PIPA|Image:Stop-sopa-pipa-271x136.png||Go to the Stop SOPA and PIPA project!}}<br>
{{#click:Free THOMAS Whip Count|Image:FreeTHOMAS.jpg||Go to the Free THOMAS Whip Count!}}<br>
[[Project:Stop SOPA and PIPA|Stop SOPA and PIPA: <br>Grassroots whip-counting on Internet censorship]]<br><br>
[[Free THOMAS Whip Count|Tell Congress to free the THOMAS data!: <br>Grassroots whip-counting on open goverment]]<br><br>

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Tell Congress to free the THOMAS data!:
Grassroots whip-counting on open goverment

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