114th Congress: We're updating with new data as it becomes available.

About OpenCongress

OpenCongress makes it easy to follow legislation in Congress, from bill introduction to floor vote, as well as profiles for senators and representatives. You can use the site to learn more about issues you care about and connect with others who share similar views.

Using the site is simple: enter a lawmaker’s name, issue topic or bill number to search OpenCongress. Get information on who represents you, find relevant legislation and learn how to take action. Check out House and Senate profile pages to see what bills lawmakers sponsor, voting records, campaign contributions and how to contact them. You can even review side-by-side comparisons on how members vote in the current Congress. OpenCongress also provides quick links for bills based on issue, popularity and status, and you can rate your support or opposition to any piece of legislation.

Becoming a registered user of OpenCongress brings more functionality to site. You can track bills and issues within the site and connect with other users on OpenCongress Groups. Register or login here.

PPF OpenCongress was founded in 2007 by the Participatory Politics Foundation and operated as a joint project with the Sunlight Foundation until acquired by the Sunlight Foundation in 2013. Sunlight is now the sole operator of OpenCongress


Bill, legislator, committee, vote, campaign finance and issue data are collected from official sources, including the Library of Congress, GovTrack, Congressional Research Service and the Sunlight Foundation.

The site is updated daily and searchable from the start of the 109th Congress in January 2005 through the current date.

Geospatial data is requested on-demand (and never stored in any specific granularity) from SmartyStreets, ESRI,, and Texas A&M Geoservices


OpenCongress is open source. Developers interested in using the data on OpenCongress should check out the Sunlight Foundation’s Congress API. This is a continuously updated JSON API for the people and work of Congress. It provides current information on legislators, districts, committees, bills, votes, as well as real-time notice of hearings, floor activity and upcoming bills.

Please note, the previously available OpenCongress API developed by PPF is deprecated.

If you're using Sunlight data and want to tell us about it, please contact us: .

Licensing Terms

OpenCongress site code is available available on github and is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL), so we encourage you to contribute to our code and reuse it in non-commercial contexts, as long as attribution to OpenCongress is given.

We encourage you to remix and excerpt our site and wiki content, as long as attribution to OpenCongress is given and you share your content as well. Our site content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 US License, and our wiki content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).