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How to Use OpenCongress

To take advantage of all the features of OpenCongress, please register for a free account. This allows you to track the bills that interest you, contact your elected officials, comment and share your support or opposition on legislation and much more.

Once logged in, you can update your profile, add a photo and change your privacy settings to determine what other OpenCongress users and group members see on the site.

Find your elected officials

To easily connect with your elected officials simply click on Senators or Representatives and then enter your zip code or find them using the map.

Find a bill

The fastest way to find a piece of legislation is to enter the bill name, number or nickname into the search bar in the upper right corner of OpenCongress. To browse recently introduced or bills that are popular on OpenCongress just click the Bills button on the left side of the top navigation bar on the site. You can also find bills from previous sessions of Congress (since the 109th) by doing an advanced search by tapping on the wrench on the left side of the search bar or going here.

Contact your elected officials

Every member of Congress has a profile page on OpenCongress that lists the phone number and contact form for his or her office. To share your thoughts with your elected officials on a specific piece of legislation, just navigate to a bill and then select "Send Your Representative a Letter" on the right sidebar.

Contact Us

If you find a issue with the site or just want to share your feedback (positive or negative) please send us an email at . (Please note, we are not affiliated with any member of Congress and cannot respond to comments on legislation.) Thanks for using OpenCongress!