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OpenCongress V.3

The Easiest Way to Organize Around Congress -- Free, Open-Source, and Not-for-Profit


Contact-Congress on OC

  • Write a letter to all of your members of the U.S. Congress from one page, set it to public or private, and then send it immediately over email.
  • Track your correspondence in a transparent public forum, then share it with your community over social media.
  • OpenCongress is different because all our data (except for personal info) is fully open for a more accountable government.
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MyOC Groups

  • Now with a free MyOC account, join Groups for your state and Congressional district to connect with other constituents.
  • Find other MyOC Groups by issue area, search keyword, bills they support or oppose -- or start your own & invite your friends.
  • Share useful information and your letters to Congress with your MyOC Groups to coordinate your organizing efforts.
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OpenCongress is a free, libre, and open-source project. If you believe in open government, please support our work with a tax-exempt donation. We're a tiny team building big (not-for-profit) things, and we need your help.

Charitable foundations, political bloggers, issue-based groups -- this is just the start of what we can build for government transparency & accountability. With additional funding, we can develop more amazing open-source tools for fighting corruption and deliberative democracy. Check out our non-profit funding prospectus at left for more info. Get in touch!!