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I'm pleased to have a new blog post up on Philanthropy NY's site, following up on last month's panel discussion on tech tools for a stronger democracy. 

I first invoke friend-of-PPF Chris 'Hayza' Hayes' analysis from his important new book, Twilight of the Elites, on elite failure and the effects of historically-terribly-unbelievably-plummeting public trust in contemporary American political process. (Hayza, pictured at right.)

Please read & share & send me feedback on the post - here's a micropublishing update to handily RT - thank you to Philanthropy NY for the opportunity to build on the issues raised in our event. Click through for more info.

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The team at the Participatory Politics Foundation is very pleased to announce that we've received a charitable grant from the Knight Foundation to take down to the local level as a free & open-source public resource.

We're starting in two Knight Foundation communities over the next six months: Philadelphia, PA; San Jose, CA; as well as a third, Washington, D.C. We're searching for Rails programmers who want to make an impact in #opengov locally!

Our new work with the Knight Foundation is part of their exciting Tech For Engagement initiative, "founded on the ideal that technology has the power to transform our democracy." We're looking forward to extending the popular OpenCongress model of government transparency and civic engagement down to the city & local level - click through for more info.

Read Full Article -- the amazing money-in-politics website whose data helps fuel the money trail portal on OpenCongress -- has just launched a new Android/iphone app that makes it easy to track the money flowing into the Obama and Romney campaigns. It’s called Politicash 2012, download it to your smart phone from Google Play or the iphone App Store.

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