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Big News

October 29, 2013 - by David Moore

I’m pleased to announce, on behalf of the Participatory Politics Foundation, that our flagship project has been acquired by the Sunlight Foundation.

The Participatory Politics Foundation (PPF) created OpenCongress in 2006 and launched it in 2007. Since then, OC grew quickly to become the most-visited nonprofit site for tracking the U.S. Congress, with a total of 27 million web visits, 69 million pageviews and 300,000 registered users.

I’m proud of the OpenCongress user community that grew organically and their huge appetite for engagement with Congress. With news of this acquisition, I’m now excited to introduce the OC community to PPF’s next major project, AskThem

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David with PPF here, I'm down in D.C. today in preparation for a rally tomorrow by the Stop Watching Us coalition against mass domestic surveillance. This morning I attended a training by EFF, Public Knowledge and others on Capitol Hill for citizens going to lobby their members of Congress and Cong. staff on public opposition to NSA spying. I'm proud to be listed as an individual supporter of the protest, but what's really impressive is the over 100 public-advocacy organizations and companies that have formed the coaltiion. More after the jump.

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