OpenCongress will be shutting down on March 1st. But don't worry: We're doing so for a number of good reasons. From then on, we'll be redirecting users to the excellent GovTrack, where you can continue to monitor Congress.

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In late November, during a closely watched public debate, the Senate voted by a wide, bi-partisan margin to ban indefinite detention of American citizens. But now that the legislative process has moved behind closed doors, it's a completely different story.

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December 10, 2012 - by David Moore

I spend a fair amount of time on the Twitter micropublishing service, sharing links - to follow along, just click "subscribe" in the left-hand sidebar: 

- #opengov list - 125 members, mostly gov't transparency & civic engagement & non-profit news & innovation. E.g. @digiphile.

political science list - 52 members, more manageable, hopefully-quality political analysis & D.C. watchdogging. E.g. 'Up with Chris Hayes'.

federal budget list - 15 members, mostly realitybased economics & media-discourse-correctives. E.g. Dean Baker

- more lists - including PPF'ers, Congress WatchersSunlightersKnight Foundation-ers, and especially Wonkblog-ers, so so vital.

...happy to subscribe to suggested lists, get at me, @ppolitics. Click through for more.

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