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Help - Before 5pm ET Today

March 21, 2013 - by David Moore

Update, Friday March 29th: This phase of the Knight NewsChallenge ends at 5pm ET today, so please helps us now by clicking "applaud this" on our proposal page: - a version of "We The People" for state, city, and local governments

... then please post an update on Facebook or Twitter or email to encourage more views & applause of our proposal, suggestions below:

Click "applaud this" for @open_gov in the #NewsChallenge - "We The People" for every level of government:

... much more info after the jump, including where we stand in the competition, other NewsChallenge proposals to applaud, and why we hope you'll give a click to support our tiny non-profit team.

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The OpenCongress team has submitted a project to the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge: - a version of "We The People" for state, city, and local governments

Support our non-profit work - please visit that page and click "applaud this" in the right-hand side, then create a free OpenIdeo account or login securely through FB Connect. Once logged-in, your applause will count immediately - we're currently ranked 22nd of 822 proposals.

Next, here's a sample Facebook or Twitter update you can share to help us spread the word:

Click "applaud" for in the #NewsChallenge - "We The People" for every level of government:

... with your quick help, we can roll out OG to hundreds more city governments this year. Much more info after the jump.

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PPF at SxSW Interactive - come say hi

March 8, 2013 - by David Moore

Update, March 13th: We just submitted our entry to the Knight Foundation NewsChallenge on #opengov. Please boost our chances by giving it a view and some applause: - a WeThePeople for state, city, and local governments.

... we look forward to interacting with the NewsChallenge community & trading ideas. Hope to further develop our free & open-source OG for question-and-answer with elected officials across the country.

Previously: Two of the PPF team will be at SxSW Interactive this week ::

I'll be there to sneak-preview the recently re-designed, for engagement with state & city government. I'm attending with James McKinney, the E.D. of the Canadian non-profit Open North, who is working as OpenGovernment's technical lead. Here's my draft pubilc schedule, feel free to suggest events. Image: Occupy Wall St., via SxSW Interactive site, for Andy's upcoming panel on movement-building.

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