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Gun amendment will get a separate House vote

May 20, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

That guns-in-parks amendment that was attached to the credit card reform bill in the Senate isn’t a done deal. Huffington Post:

The House Rules Committee decided by voice vote Tuesday evening to split apart the credit card bill passed by the Senate Tuesday, slicing out an amendment added by Senate Republicans that would allow possession of firearms in National Parks.

That gun amendment will be voted on separately and then will be recombined with the bill before it goes to the White House. Both votes are scheduled for Wednesday.

By splitting the bill in two, Democrats can vote for the credit card reform portion without also voting for the gun language. The gun amendment is still likely to pass, backed by Republicans and swing-district Democrats. […]

Because the Senate took up the House bill, rather than originating its own, there will be no conference committee and the bill will go directly to the White House.

In the Senate, the amendment was passed overwhelmingly by a 67-29 vote with 27 Democrats voting in favor. Assuming all Republicans vote for the amendment in the House, it will take at least 38 Democrats to vote for it as well for the amendment to pass.

UPDATE: The gun amendment passed the House, 279-147. 105 Democrats joined 174 Republicans in voting in favor of the measure. I’ll update with full roll cal data shortly. Full roll call details here.

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