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OpenCongress on NPR's "On The Media"

March 11, 2007 - by David Moore

Earlier today, “On The Media” from National Public Radio aired a segment about the launch of OpenCongress. They interviewed Sunlight Foundation technology advisor Micah Sifry about the site, and we’re very pleased: the piece is as an excellent summary of our mission to help make Congressional information more accessible to the public.

You can listen to the segment about OpenCongress on the site of On The Media. Click the link to “listen” just under the description: “If you’re wondering what your Congressperson has been up to lately, you can spend hours poring over hard-to-find government databases. Or you can visit a brand new website, where it’s all in one place.”

It’s seven minutes long, and the transcript will be posted on Monday afternoon. Many of us who work on OpenCongress are admirers of the journalism and commentary of “On The Media,” a nationally-syndicated show produced by WNYC, so we’re very excited this came together so well and provides such an insightful look at our presentation of Congressional information.

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