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June 13, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

From the past coupe of days:

  • Senators who oppose public option received top dollars from industry (McClatchy).
  • Ezra Klein interviews Rep. Woolsey on House progressive’s stance on health care reform (Ezra Klein).
  • The House health care bill might add $600 billion in new taxes (Zero Hedge).
  • More on pricing out health care reform (Senatus).
  • Congress clears tobacco regulation bill for Obama to sign into law (Kaiser Health News).
  • Why it’s politically impossible to ban menthol cigarettes, even if they are the most addictive (Big Money).
  • Rep. Buyer: smoking lettuce is just as bad as smoking tobacco (Buzz Feed).
  • Anti-tobacco or Pro-Phillip Morris (The Corner).
  • Stimulus package could lose $50 billion to fraud (Dealbreaker).
  • Did Sen. Durbin cash out based on insider info on the banks from Bernanke? (Hot Air).

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