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June 18, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Treasury Secretary Geithner (above) defends his regulatory plans at a Senate Banking hearing (WSJ
  • Tyler Cowen makes the case for making the Fed the systemic risk regulator (Marginal Revolution).
  • Simon Johnson rips the Obama admin regulatory plan into pieces and doesn’t find much of substance (Baseline Scenario).
  • Pelosi: “The American people want to know more of the ‘Secrets of the Temple,’” (Glenn Thrush).
  • This one’s a few days old: Group of Dem senators team up to push Obama further on regulatory reform (Newsweek).
  • The health care reform effort is running into some problems (Ezra Klein).
  • Blue Dogs and New Dems team up to fight a public health care option (The Hill).
  • Senate unanimously approves an official apology for slavery and segregation (AP).
  • Read the full text of the Senate slavery-apology resolution (OpenCongress).

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