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June 24, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Senate urges Obama to pardon the first black heavyweight champ (AP).
  • Harry Reid gets the dubious honor of worst Daily Show guest ever (Glenn Thrush).
  • Paulson will testify to Congress on how the BofA takeover of Merrill Lynch went down (Bloomberg).
  • Ahead of Obama’s big immigration meeting Thursday, Schumer outlines the Senate’s immigration plans (WaPo).
  • Finally, some progress made on the Howard Koh nomination (The Cable).
  • OMB recommends veto of defense authorization if it contains F-22 money (Think Progress).
  • Baucus regrets not considering a single-payer health care system (Matt Yglesias).
  • Environmental groups now looking to the Senate for improving the climate bill (Grist).
  • New poll shows tepid support for the House’s climate bill (WaPo
  • CREW calls for an investigation of employment-related issues surrounding the Ensign affair (CREW).
  • Sen. Kerry’s comment on Sanford: too bad Sarah Palin didn’t go missing instead (Boston Herald).

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