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June 26, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

The big news tonight is that the House has officially approved their landmark climate change bill. We’ll have more on that over the weekend and next week. For now, here are some links on what’s happening in Congress:

  • Cap-and-trade bill costs, state-by-state (538).
  • Rep. Broun calls global warming a hoax on the House floor, gets applause (Think Progress).
  • Kucinich’s take: "passing a weak bill today gives us weak environmental policy tomorrow (Rep. Kucinich).
  • Sen. Rockefeller’s strong argument for a public health care option (Washington Monthly).
  • Specter flips, now says there should be a public healt hcare option (TPM DC).
  • Sen. Kerry suggests a 10-year public option trigger (HuffPo).
  • Great post speculating on the White House’s health care strategy (Ezra Klein).
  • Health care reform has found its Senate gang (Politico).

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