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July 6, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Michael Jackson fans raise money to defeat Rep. Peter King (HuffPo).
  • Mid-session House vote trend analysis (CQ).
  • “Obama is on pace to be the most successful Oval Office occupant in more than half a century when measured by his ability to get Congress to vote his way” (CQ).
  • Payday lenders argue that a 390% APR isn’t actually a bad deal (Afflicter).
  • The latest edition of Chris Bowers’ 2010 Senate predictions (Open Left).
  • Will Harry Reid’s “gentle persuasion” be enough to pass climate change legislation? (The Vine
  • Sen. Whitehouse says a second stimulus is “probably needed” (Glenn Thrush).
  • Legislative support – votes and co-sponsors – on a map (Bill Maps).
  • Sen. Kohl wants an investigation of deceptive cell phone company practices (WaPo).
  • Treasury ready to twist arms over consumer protections agency (Reuters).
  • Anti-gay Reps. use an Elton John concert to raise cash (Party Time).

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