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Submit Your Health Care Bill Comments

July 23, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Now that the leadership in both the Senate and the House are pushing back their time lines until September for voting on health care, the period for public comment and review of the legislation on OpenCongres is extended too.

The House’s version of the health care bill has already been viewed by about 20,000 people and there have been some excellent dissections of crucial areas of the legislation (here’s an example). With more than a month before the votes take place, we have even more time to dig into this super important bill and, together, gain a better understanding of what’s in it and how it would work.

Below are a few of the public comments on the bill so far rated most useful by users of OpenCongress:

I have not read all 1,000 plus pages, but cannot support this bill as drafted. There are two items that stand out for me. The first is the definition of ‘employee’ which includes contract labor and the second is the small business credit phase-out amount with average salaries of $20,000. These two items may put an extreme burden on small start up companies and give an incentive to only hire part-time low wage employees. This seems to be a negative impact on economics as a whole (employer and employee). – dbritt28
It’s funny you should say “We the people” don’t count any more. We have become more of a divided nation because of both parties. Democrats are trying to take charge regardless of what the majority of “the people” think about issues and bills. The Republicans have been silent and seeking on the most part-their own best interests and not listening to what “We the people” want. We lost our Democracy after Kennedy was assassinated. I think things should be more out in the open and not done in secrecy. I question anything done in haste and secrecy. Is this really best for “the people.” – rjduf
We should strive for healthcare for all Americans but anything that has to be rushed through is suspect. Quite frankly, we can’t afford it. Sorry but I don’t trust politicians who make promises and I’m certain that if this gets rammed through, we will regret it. People need to remember that the federal government doesn’t make money, they are spending OUR money. Healthcare is important to be sure, but we have to get our finances in order first. This is just too expensive and government has a pretty poor track record when it comes to spending money wisely or creating effective program. – Andrea1318
This is insane! ANY public health care bill passed by this Congress should make it mandatory that all congressional members enroll. If it is good enough for WE THE PEOPLE, then it is certainly good enough for the public servants. – gstecker

If you haven’t left your comment on the health care bill, you can go to this link and do so now. While you’re at it, you can vote other people’s comments up or down in order to help make sure the most useful comments rise to the top.

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