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July 24, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Republican Rep. readies legislation demanding the President apologize to Sgt. Crowley (The Hill).
  • Secessionist Governor Rick Perry considering nullification of health care reform (Yglesias).
  • Against Congress’ August vacation (The Gaggle).
  • Liberals petitioning: no vacation without passing health care reform (Fire Dog Lake).
  • If they do go on vacation before finishing health care, it might not be the end of the world (538).
  • Congress begins work on ending the crack/powder cocaine disparity (Tapped).
  • Are the Blue Dogs principled, or are they just “mushy centrists”? (Steve Pearlstein).
  • House votes to lift a 21-year ban on funding needle exchange programs (Washington Post).
  • Open government, or “transparency theater”? (CQ).
  • Geithner defends his regulatory overhaul to skeptical lawmakers (Marketplace).
  • Regulators spar for turf in financial overhaul (NYTimes).
  • Senate approves funds for fighting Iranian censorship (AFP).
  • Thanks to action from Congress in 2007, the minimum wage went up 70 cents on Friday (ABC).
  • House votes to research natural gas vehicles (OpenCongress).
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