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July 31, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Why does Congress get so much vacation? (Slate).
  • Town halls gone wild (Politico).
  • Health insurance industry gives generously to Blue Dogs (WaPo).
  • Veterans groups outline their objections to the House health care bill (The Hill).
  • House votes to redirect $2 billion of stimulus money for cash for clunkers (AP).
  • Roadblocks expected on cash for clunkers funding in the Senate (Senatus).
  • Lobbyists forged letter urging votes against climate change bill (Red, Green and Blue).
  • Sen. Baucus says he doesn’t know how he will vote on Sotomayor )The Hill).
  • House approves limits on executive pay (New York Times).
  • Rep. Bachmann talks about auto-tune (Shenanigans).
  • Judiciary Committee approves crack/powder cocaine sentencing parity (Jurist).
  • Here’s the bill: Fairness in Cocaine Sentencing Act of 2009 (OpenCongress).
  • Internet freedom bill introduced in the House (Free Press).
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  • Anonymous 08/03/2009 5:47am

    Since Opium is the same as crack and legal to grow and export in Afghanistan the bill should include Opium too.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 08/03/2009 7:51am

    You all need to be kicked out of office…..You are destroying this country….You like the health care plan….read it ….you use it….I do not want it….The clunkers are in Congress and the senate!

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