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Giving Up on the Public Option?

August 4, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Via a Senate aide, Politico relays the scoop from inside today’s two-hour meeting at the White House between Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration:

Majority Leader Harry Reid was the first to make remarks, speaking for a little more than five minutes, the aide said. Obama followed, making opening remarks which lasted for 10-15 minutes about why health care was so important for the economic situation and he talked about how signing health care reform “would be one of the most important things that he would do as president,” the aide said.

The aide said the public option did not come up. Nor did cost.

“There was the sense of the importance of making progress of getting a bill done…that they’re committed to working with Republicans do it,” the aide said. “The president feels that’s an important part of the process.”
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