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Smarter Townhall Meetings

August 6, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

So far, all we’ve heard from health care townhalls across the country is a lot of screaming and disruption. But one conservative blogger is trying to change that trend and is encouraging people to ask their members of Congress tough questions about specific provisions in the bill instead.

At the Hot Air blog, blogger “kbanaian” has taken a section of the legislative text from OpenCongress (Section 401 of H.R. 3200), posted it, linked to it, and suggested four questions on it that townhall attendees can ask their congressmen as “a substitute for yelling.”

Obviously, details in the bill matter, and I’m really glad that our tool for sharing specific sections of bill text is helping to facilitate a discussion of the details. We’ll report back on this blog with any reports of how this attempt to have a smarter conversation on health care reform goes.

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