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Health Care Protesters Want a Town Hall to Disrupt

August 10, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Mike Lillis at the Washington Independent posts this portion of a CNN interview this morning with Rep. Brad Miller [D, NC-13]:

“Most people want to have access to members of Congress to talk about a specific issue and they really think a one-on-one meeting is more access than a town hall meeting, and that’s what I’ve done.

“So we were puzzled when we got, when we started getting calls in the last two weeks demanding a town hall meeting. And my staff would say, ‘Wouldn’t you just like to sit and have a private conversation with the congressman, and explain your position and ask him about his?’

“They didn’t want that. They wanted a town hall meeting and I think we’ve seen why.

Hardcore health care reform opponents have made up their minds. They don’t want to talk policy, they want to protest what they see as a socialist takeover of their country. Their “stand up and shout” tactics wouldn’t work in a private meeting. Rep. Miller may see his one-on-one meetings as the only way to have a reasonable discussion about health care, but the tea partiers see it as a threat to their form of activism.

Here’s video from a protest outside a meeting Rep. Miller held last Friday:

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