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August 10, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Democrats fight back on health care, town halls (The Hill).
  • An inside look at the GOP’s August recess playbook (Glenn Thrush).
  • Health care protester drops gun at town hall (Huffington Post).
  • Churches join in the health care debate (Under the Infleunce).
  • Ezra Klein illustrates that “there’s no strong correlation between small states and Republicans or big states and Democrats.” (Ezra Klein).
  • Congressional jets may be scrapped (Politico).
  • Obama says immigration reform will have to wait until next year (Politico).
  • Rep. Barton may run for Hutchinson’s Senate seat (PoliTex).
  • Experts: Stupak land transfer deal runs afoul of Constitution (Michigan Messenger).
  • FL-Senate: Breaking Down the Crist Pick (The Fix).
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  • Anonymous 08/12/2009 4:17am

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