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Introducing OC's New Blogger

August 19, 2009 - by Paul Blumenthal

Hello Open Congress people. My name is Paul Blumenthal and I’ll be your new friendly neighborhood blogger. I currently write at the Sunlight Foundation blog about a number of issues, but most prominently the influence and money that surrounds Congress. I also do a lot of data driven reporting and hope to bring that over here to the Open Congress blog.

I’ll be doing some cross-posting of my work at Sunlight and some original blogging on more Open Congress related topics like procedure, bill contents and, a personal favorite, random stuff you never knew about your congressmen.

It’s exciting to join the two excellent OC bloggers, Donny and Avelino (who sits behind me in the Sunlight office), in bringing even more information to this community. Please feel free to speak your mind in the comments.

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