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August 19, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Tomorrow’s health care smears, today (Ezra Klein).
  • Rep. Frank does a good job handling LaRouche supporter at town hall (Donklephant).
  • McCain: maverick no more? (CQ).
  • Are anonymous White House staffers in favor of Obama’s health plan? (OpenLeft).
  • Reid spokesman: Congress will pass health bill ‘by any legislative means necessary’ (Blog Briefing Room).
  • Steve Pearlstein: it’s time to give up on the public option (WaPo).
  • Howard Dean: the public option is worth fighting for (Think Progress).
  • Sen. Baucus: there were people in the crowd with YouTubes (HuffPo).
  • White House, including Obama, convinced that Republicans will oppose health care reform no matter what (TPM).
  • Tort reform unlikely to cut health care costs (Washington Independent).
  • Gang of six have set their first August teleconference for tomorrow at 9 (Prescriptions Blog).
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