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August 24, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Lots of news on the detainee torture front, but a relatively slow news day on healthcare and other issues involving Congress. Nonetheless, here’s some of the news and commentary I came across today:

  • Sen. Baucus: “I want a public option too” (Daily Kos).
  • When polled properly, the public option is popular (538).
  • A profile of Alan Frumin, the Senate Parliamentarian (Bloomberg).
  • The Senate Fed transparency bill is now up to 23 co-sponsors (Zero Hedge).
  • Feingold to Obama: announce withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan(The Note).
  • Health care reform and the deficit (HuffPo).
  • Michael Steele hearts single payer healthcare (Ezra Klein).
  • Democrats considering a new one-bill reconciliation tactic for healthcare. Interesting HuffPo).
  • CBO warns that the financial crisis has hurt us more than thought previously (Dean Baker for TPM).
  • Chuck Schumer calls for airline passenger bill of rights (Blog Briefing Room).
  • “Change is tough. So liberals can’t just leave it up to Obama (Michael Tomasky for the Guardian).
  • Waxman’s Gambit (D-Day).
  • At least one health care reform supporter has jumped on the bring-your-gun-to-a-protest bandwagon (TPMMucmraker).
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