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August 31, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • White House says Sen. Enzi has given up on “gang of six” negotiations (TPM).
  • MA lawmakers will meet next week to consider appointing an interim senator (Boston Globe).
  • Rep. Barton vows to repeal healthcare reform if it passes (Political Animal).
  • Big banks lobby Congress to protect the OTC derivatives market (Bloomberg).
  • So far at least, TARP is turning a profit (New York Times).
  • Some Dems who co-sponsored the single-payer bill last year say they will vote against it this year (The Hill).
  • Health care debate exposes regional rifts for Democrats (McClatchy).
  • Sen. Grassley fundraises against healthcare reform (Ezra Klein).
  • R.J. Reynolds sues the government over the tobacco regulation bill (AP).
  • Senate climate bill delayed again Climate Progress).
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