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September 18, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

  • Baucus bill sticks to Pharma deal that supposedly wasn’t struck (Huffington Post).
  • Conyers, Leahy introduce bill to end health insurers’ anti-trust exemption (Crooks and Liars).
  • Here’s the bill: H.R. 3596 – Health Insurance Industry Antitrust Enforcement Act of 2009 (OpenCongress).
  • 65 views of opinion on health care reform, one big trend (
  • Is the individual mandate unconstitutional? (Wall Street Journal).
  • New Pecora Commission gets off the ground today Tapped).
  • Functions of the new Pecora Commission, as determined by Congress (OpenCongress).
  • Politicians’ tweets self-promotional, researchers say (Washington Post).
  • Corruption charges prompt Congp to lobby Congress (Real Time Investigations).
  • Senator Dodd calls to curb bank overdraft fees (Associated Press).
  • Goldman Sachs lobbyist barred by Barney Frank from lobbying members of the Financial Services Committee (Bloomberg).
  • Fed taking the lead on reigning in executive bonuses at financial companies (New York Times).
  • House GOP pushing for a stand-alone, up-or-down vote on ACORN funding (The Corner).
  • Here’s the bill: H.R. 3571 – Defund ACORN Act (OpenCongress).
  • 40 senators to Geithner: terminate TARP by year’s end (The Hill).
  • DFA launches campaign to pressure Senate Democrats to pass a Democrat-only healthcare bill (TPM).
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